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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sahi automating ZK 3.6 Sample Application - Demo video

Here is a brief video which shows how Sahi can be used to automate ZK based applications. Notice how Sahi uses neither XPaths nor explicit waits, and works with the same script on both Firefox and IE.


Ruturaj said...

How is Sahi configured for IE for pre-recorded test ?

Can we extract Sahi script to get user defined reusable function or can I call them from .java files ?

any Example of Integration with testNG

V. Narayan Raman said...

hi Ruturaj,

There is an exe toggle_IE_proxy.exe which is in tools folder which toggles the proxy for IE.

The script is in javascript. You can edit it intof functions variables etc.

The javascript version comes with its own suites, multithreaded runner, and in built logging.

If you are using the java version, use it the same way as you use with Selenium.